Everyone is aware that the primary purpose of any procedure is to enhance your appearance. It’s a good thing that there’s the perfect moment to benefit from modern treatments that keep our appearance younger and more youthful. Don’t be tempted to believe that treatments such as BOTOX(r) Cosmetic and laser skin rejuvenation or HydraFacials(r) are just focused on keeping appearances.

Beyond Appearance

At times you’ve likely seen family members or friends saying something such as “I don’t feel confident regarding my appearance.” The format of the sentence is clear. It’s all about that the way the subject feels. Many psychologists have recognized that the way we look affects our feelings and vice versa.

We often advise our patients that beauty starts within. But the reality is that no matter how many treatments we offer If a person struggles with a negative mental outlook, stress levels or any other mental issues the person will not look the most attractive. However, the majority of patients whom we treat have positive mindset and simply looking to restore some of their youthful appearance or get the healthy glow they have. What they often find is that once they have the results, they do not just look great and feel great, but also more secure and confident in their interactions and relationships.

A Case Study of BOTOX Cosmetic

It is true that looking attractive can help you feel great, but recent studies suggest that certain medspa treatments could actually have greater impact on the way you feel.

The “facial feedback hypothesis” researchers have observed an association between facial expressions that are specific to a certain person and thoughts or moods. One possible example is that when you smile more one will begin to feel happier. It’s like the sound of a cart before a horse, but there’s some evidence from science that suggests it’s effective.

That leads us to BOTOX Cosmetic. BOTOX helps by temporarily relaxing the muscles of the forehead, which cause dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles are caused by repetitive facial movements. If administered properly, BOTOX will not “freeze your face” however it can limit facial expressions. The expression of frowning can be linked to sadness, anger and anger. Numerous BOTOX studies have shown that patients after treatment were less depressed, and also had less activity in the emotion processing brain’s centers when they tried to mimic frowns and different negative expressions on their faces.

Beyond BOTOX

It’s important to keep in mind that, while the studies discussed above were focused on BOTOX Cosmetic however, the idea that the appearance of your face in the mirror and the way you react to it can impact your mood can be applied to a variety options cosmetic treatments. It’s a simple way to make sense. For instance, how good do you feel when have a great haircut or when your stylist is slightly off the mark? In reality, the appearance of a person’s body can affect how they feel the same way that the way you feel affects the way you look.

To get the most benefit from this positive feedback loop individuals shouldn’t compromise the way they feel about their appearance or think they’re doing something wrong or petty. If you’re suffering from wrinkles, skin that is aging or another issue with your appearance which can be fixed efficiently and cost-effectively in a medical spa near you is worth starting with a conversation and knowing more about the options available to you.